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This pandemic is a silent killer, it has been around for years, yet no one has spoken about it. It is in your bedroom, in your bathroom, it is everywhere.It does not have a cure, there is no vaccine and we haven’t seen anything like it…You’ve been infected already, like all of us and there is no hiding from it anymore.

What reads like a doomsday scenario directed by Michael Bay, is known as CHEAP DOPAMINE.

A drug that is turning you slowly into a mindless zombies and if you don’t change your behaviour, you’ll be doomed.

Let’s take a…

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Unless you have been under a rock for the past week you most likely would have heard something about the recent developments in the world of football. The proposed European Super League would surely be a spectacular, money-making event, however, this would come at the cost of the everyday football fan and his core values as a fan of football. The events that unfolded around the European Super League contain several life lessons all of which are independent of football and can be applied to life.. …

This so random and brilliant! Love it!

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Let’s talk about one, if not the most important contributor to a better life — your diet..

After reading this piece, you will have a better understanding of why your diet is so important and what you can do to track if you are eating the right foods.

Would you agree that today’s world is pretty polarised and binary, specifically when it comes to diet?

“Be Vegan, Don’t eat meat.”

“Eat Carbohydrates. Don’t eat fats.”

It’s difficult to keep track of what is fact and what is opinion.

Mainstream and social media are only interested in growing their number of…

“My encounter with the most painful mental challenges in my life — and the lessons it taught me”

I like to challenge myself. I am no David Goggins or Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I have found beauty in discomfort, physically and mentally:

  1. Cold water piercing your skin in the morning like knives stabbing you? “Yes please”
  2. Working out topless in -2 degrees? “Of course”
  3. 61 hours water-fasting combined with a digital detox? “Sounds fun”
  4. Running 100 kilometres without preparation in under 24 hours? “Can I do it crawling”


A few years ago, I was with some of my mates. …

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There is currently a war going on. Attacks on your health. Attacks on your mind and beliefs. Attacks on free independent thinking. Attacks on anything outside of the narrative. Attacks on your freedom.

The media and food industry have created a new monster, a cult, a religion almost. You and I have been told a dangerous lie that impact our health. Are you asking yourself: “Who is this guy who thinks he knows better than the companies?”

Well, I was a victim myself. I was vegan for 2 years and the experience f#cked me up big time. How? We’ll get…

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With the year coming to an end, I reflect on the months that have passed. This year, I spiced things up and looked back on my entire life and what is has taught me:

  1. There is no failure; only feedback
  2. Don’t be a c#nt
  3. Life is chaos
  4. Accept what you cannot control
  5. Change what you can change
  6. Creamy Double Espresso
  7. Work hard. Rest harder
  8. Success is hard work, you have to earn it.
  9. Forgive your parents, they didn’t know any better
  10. “What are you afraid of?”
  11. Embrace life with“F#ck it”
  12. Live in the NOW!
  13. Whatever you do, do it 100%

You and I, we’ve been there, no matter what age. We often think only our grandparents would have regrets but this is a lie.

If you are honest to yourself, how often have you mumbled these words to yourself? “If only I would have…”

  • “Approached that girl I liked”
  • “Changed my job earlier”
  • “Spent less time on Netflix”

The list is endless for so many men. So, why don’t we change it then? What makes it so terrifying for men currently, to be courageous, to take that risk and make that leap?

Fatherless generation

There are plenty of problematic behaviours that could…

Did you know that you and 7.999.999.999 human beings on this planet live in a flat-share?

You don’t believe me? Let me ask you this…

Who is the first person you speak to when you wake up? Every morning you most likely wake up, and instantly get bombarded with thoughts. Thoughts about the past, thoughts about the future. Thoughts about how you should have not let that guy in the meeting get away with his judgemental joke about you. Thoughts about the future, where everything is going to be so much better, once you have just paid off your student debt or your credit card.

You share a flat and you are overpaying

How do you feel? Far from great, I’d assume…So, who is…

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Do you feel your mood is going through a rollercoaster every day? Happy, grumpy, full of joy, sad…up and down, up and down?

Do you feel irritated easily?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

I’ll take you on a journey, sit back and enjoy.

Let’s wind back to summer 2018

The World Cup was on, heatwave was roasting us and beer was flowing…life couldn’t be better, right?


Back then, my moods were like the weather — absolutely unpredictable.

I had a short temper, was extremely aggressive and lost it at least once day for stupid reasons. Once my headphones got stuck on the door handle…Believe it…

Gene Gerrienne

Partner and Leader — Unleashing young mens’ freedom through a unique framework. Conquer your life through masculinity, energy and a healthy lifestyle.

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